Academic and Character Awards 2021

Congratulations to our Middle School students on their academic achievements and character development! Read on to learn more about the awards!

Students, we are grateful for your resilience during this challenging year. We appreciate your respect for your teachers, and your love and care for one another! You are bright, talented, cheerful and motivated!!! Keep up the good work!

Parents, thank you for supporting your children and their teachers through the course of this past year. It was amazing to see that learning did happen in some very creative and new ways despite - or sometimes even as a result of - the challenging circumstances.

We finished strong and hope to welcome a very successful school year with growth both academically and in character!



Watch the Middle School Awards Recording

The 2021 Middle School Academic Awards go to...

Science 6 Dani L. Heily B.
Science 7 Cade N. Jonathan F.
Science 8 Nathan P. Petra B.
History 6 Dani L. Annora K.
History 7 Lydia S.  
History 8 Gabriel P.  
English 6 Annora K. Heily B.
English 7 Lydia S. Daniel D.S.
English 8 Petra B.  
Math 6 Heily B. Susanna M.
Math 7 Gavril V. Abigail O.
Pre-Algebra Nasim A.A. Kevin S.
Algebra 1 Jonathan F. Nathan P.
Hungarian A Heily B.  
Hungarian B Susanna M.  
Hungarian C Liam O'D.  
Hungarian Literature Johanna N. Petra B.
Bible 6 Dani L. Annora K.
Bible 7 Lydia S. Jonathan F.
Bible 8 Nathan P. Petra B.
Band 6 Zsuzsi M. Guli N.
Band 7/8 Daniel D.S. Lydia S.
Choir 6 Zsuzsi M. Susanna M.
Choir 7/8 Nathan P. Petra B.
PE 6 Susanna M. Annora K.
PE 7 Mira T. Daniel D.S.
PE 8 Nathan P. Anthony B.