Have a Student Heading to University Soon?

Tricia Fraser

Do you have a student heading to university in the next year or two? We have some timely books for you! Check them out!

Debt-Free Degree

The Step-by-step guide to getting your kid through college without student loans

by Anthony Neal


If your child will be going to university in the U.S. this book, "teaches parents how their kid can graduate from college without debt, even if they haven't saved for it. It also shows parents how to prepare their child for college, covering topics like what classes to take in high school, when to start testing, how to do college visits, and how to choose a major" - Provided by publisher. 



The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition

by Tina Quick


"Written for students, but with chapters for parents too. This book is geared for those who've been raised outside of their passport country, but will be returning there for university. It addresses the common issues students face when they are making the double transition of not only adjusting to a new life stage but to a cultural change as well." - from Amazon description. 


Remember that parents are once again allowed into the school and that our library has books for you too! We have a lot of fiction, and also great books on the Christian life, current topics, parenting, and cultural transition. 


You can see what's in our library by checking out our online catalog. If you don't know how to access that, drop me a note at tfraser@icsbudapest.org and I can get you started.