The First Week of Distance Learning in High School
Szilvi Lázár

Although distance learning is missing certain aspects of teaching and learning that we value highly at ICSB, our high school teachers have gone above and beyond to make their students' learning experience engaging, interactive and personal even while apart.

Some teachers came up with creative solutions to continue the interactive nature of their classes - by using kahoot on phones to review class work or playing Bible trivia games during chapel. 

This is what our teachers said about their first week of distance teaching:

"I feel that we were much more prepared this time than in the spring, the whole transition was much smoother and way less stressful." 

"It was heartwarming to hear from them how much they would prefer me explaining math concepts to them, instead of watching a professionally made video explaining the subject!"

"I am happy to see their faces in our virtual class meetings, but it's harder to assess their progress or see their 'AHA!' moments without actual eye contact."

"It has been a lot of extra hours of work on everybody's part to make this work, but we love our students and want to give them as much normalcy as it is possible in the current situation."

"It is great that our students respect class time, always log in on time and work diligently!"

We would like to celebrate our teachers and students who work hard every day. We are praying for you and hope to see you chatting in class and walking the hallways when the one month if over!