Freshman Challenge 2020 Highlights
Dan Bishop

What happens when you mix a bunch of cool 9th grade students with some awesome HS staff? 
You get Freshman Challenge! Some people might be a bit nervous about taking a bunch of 9th grade students off for an overnight adventure. But some of our staff boldly stepped out this past weekend to hang out with 18 Freshman at the Zichy Castle in Vajta, Hungary. 

ICSB’s Freshman Challenge looked a little different this year but it was still an awesome time of building community, getting away from the normal routine of school, and being challenged to begin their time in high school by living BOLD.   
After arriving at the conference center and getting checked in, students are divided into teams.  They then need to come up with a team name, design a team flag, and set some individual and team goals for the weekend.  A few students are given an opportunity to share some thoughts before the teams are sent off to complete some challenges.   
The challenges this year were focused on teamwork, communication, and problem solving.  Each activity gave the students an opportunity to succeed or fail as a group, to communicate with and without words, and to recognize their role of leading or serving. 
Along with the physical and intellectual challenges, students were given an opportunity to think about being bold in several areas.  Using a few stories from the book of Matthew as the backdrop, students were challenged to Boldly Step Out (Peter Walking on Water-Matthew 14:22-33), to Boldly Forgive (The Unforgiving Servant – Matthew 18:21-35), and to Boldly Love (The Greatest Commandments – Matthew 22:34-40).  Students were given time to process these topics with quiet time and refection questions. 
Please pray for our Freshman class to remember these days and lessons so that they can be examples of living BOLD lives for God as they travel through High School and beyond. 
A few quotes about FC:

“The Trust walk was great and challenging.”  

“Vajta was great, I can’t wait for HS retreat.”

“Very fun, but tiring.”

“The Trust Walk challenged us to help people that we might not normally help.”

"I think the challenges from the teachers are going to help us to have more boldness.”