Dissection Day

Susan Cooper

There's no mistaking that it's dissection day! The halls are filled with the powerful smell of formaldehyde.

As part of their science unit, Upper School students continued their semester-long dissection...exploration with Mr. Thiesen. Obviously, there were some in the class that felt a little more squeamish than others but on the whole, students did a great job pushing past the "gross" to get the job done.

The upper school science courses at ICSB continue to build on the foundations laid in lower school. This is done both in terms of developed understandings of scientific concepts and tools, as well as developed biblical Christian perspectives related to the sphere of science. Students are offered courses representing the broad branches of science to equip them for higher education and potential vocation and calling. Students are motivated to discover as they recognize that their orderly and predictable created world is a reflection of God’s own nature and character, and they are challenged with how one can influence the sphere of science in society for God’s glory and creation’s benefit.

Science in the upper school consists of a sequence of both life and physical sciences. Students are required to take three sciences for graduation. Depending on which math track they are on and what they wish to pursue in college each student will pursue one of two tracks, with courses consisting of some combination of Biology, Physics, AP Physics, Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology.


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