Cute Notes of Love and Encouragement
Rachel Stowell and Szilvi Lázár

This week was full of surprises, some heart-wrecking, some heart-warming... 

It was announced on Monday that high school students would transition to distance learning starting Wednesday morning. We are prepared to deliver a quality educational program even remotely but we do realize how much we all will miss the social aspect of coming to school - the hallway conversations, moments of face-to-face connection, sitting next to a student and helping them figure something out.

Then Tuesday morning the elementary students and teachers surprised our high schoolers with an absolutely heart-warming gesture: they wrote hundreds of little notes of encouragement and their teachers posted them on the high school lockers. When the bell rang and high school students came out into the hallway, they were genuinely shocked and deeply touched! They LOVED the notes!

Ms. Stowell, in her morning devotions with the seniors, has been reading Ecclesiastes, and a commentary (from Wheaton’s president, Dr. Ryken) along with it:  

“Some days are full of prosperity. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and all is right with the world. There is food on the table and money in the bank....Every such day is a gift from God that calls us to be joyful...every blessing of any kind at all is another reason to return praise and thanks to God.

“Not every day is like that, of course. Some days are full of adversity rather than prosperity. The sun is not shining, the birds are not singing, and nothing seems right with the world. There may be food on the table, but there is no money in the bank....Yet this day too is a day that comes from the hand of God, a day that is under his sovereign control. The [writer of Ecclesiastes] does not have the heart to tell us to be joyful on such a difficult day, but he does call us to a wise consideration of the ways of God. When adversity comes, recognize that this too is a day that the Lord has made. ‘Shall we receive good from God,’ Job asked on the day of his adversity, ‘and shall we not receive evil?’ (Job 2:10). We should acknowledge that both the good days and bad days come from the hand of God.”

Though we understand why these steps were necessary, it doesn’t make the disappointment any less. BUT God is still sovereign over this situation and his steadfast love never fails. And we are GRATEFUL for that!