Little People Having SUPER BIG Fun

Hannah Hocutt

On Super Friday, our Early Grades students' loud joy was a welcome sound in our otherwise empty buildings as they roamed the rooms and hallways playing games and doing other fun activities.

The Early Grades' theme for Super Friday was COMMUNITY, one of ICSB's core values.

Ms. Wingler talked about how we need each other to help us grow. Then we had a chance to put what we learned into practice as a group, discussing what we (as the early grades) can do with our head and hands and heart to bless those around us.

We also had a chance to read across grade levels in our house groups and make a house poster! It was so fun to see the older grades take the lead with the younger grades, and also to watch everyone practice working together!

We finished off the afternoon with a “super” fun PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT across the school and then gathered for snacks and a movie!