Cheering for the IDITAROD Sled Dog Race!

Our 5th grade students tracked the almost 1,000 miles long sled dog race that took place in Alaska this past month. Read more about this fun project!

The Iditarod Sled Dog Race started in Alaska in 1973 as a way to celebrate a way of life that was being replaced by modern modes of transportation. Both the musher and the dogs are considered the athletes in the sport and much care and attention are given to the animal athletes along every checkpoint of the journey! Mushers love their animals and consider this time with them on the trail a great time of bonding and accomplishment!

Ms. Leamon, our 5th grade teacher taught in Alaska for 2 years and brings this study to 5th grade every year. Students study the dynamics of the mushers - their experience, gender, country, etc. - and choose their own to track along the trail. Students also track and compare weather, learn geometric skills to measure area, perimeter, and angles, and read and write about the values of the Iditarod and how they fit in God's world! And students get creative, too, including making their own dog sled! More fun in person, but also an exciting way to start distance learning!