Thank You from the Salvation Army
Ingrid Peck, Lacey Southwell, Szilvi Lázár

A few days before Christmas a group of NHS students delivered the gift bags and the money donated by our community to the Salvation Army. When told how much money was raised for them, they were shocked and deeply touched. Read on for photos and more of the story. 

A small group of NHS students, Mr. Southwell and Mrs. Peck drove to "Válaszút Háza", the Salvation Army's shelter and soup kitchen  for homeless people in Budapest's 17th district. They met with Szabolcs and Anna, heading up this very special mission. When our students gave them the funds and told them how much money was raised, they were visibly shocked. Szabolcs's mouth opened a little bit, he took a step back and he blinked a few times. Anna, who is the head of the center became emotional. She was very moved by the encouragement of us coming alongside them in a fight for the souls of these women and men. They all were so grateful and kind. It was such a touching experience for our students and staff who went as well.

A couple days later we received an email from Anna with this thank-you note:


A very special thanks to Mrs. Lingenhoel and our National Honor Society students for organizing this special project!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Forint War and in filling the bags! May the Lord continue to use the gifts you so generously shared this past Christmas season!