Spiritual Impact

ICSB has a wonderful group of teachers. I could stop there and let that be the whole point of this post and it could be enough. But I ask you to read on...

Next week was supposed to be our Spiritual Impact Week (SIW). I am pretty bummed that we have to postpone it. Hopefully we will be able to fit it in somewhere down the calendar.

To be honest though, SIW takes a lot of effort. It is more work for me each day. More practice for the musical teams. Crazy schedule adjustments are needed for the teachers which are disruptive to their plans. Extra meetings with the leadership team to make sure everything fits together. It takes a lot to make the whole thing succeed.

But it is ALWAYS worth it.

To watch the Holy Spirit work in the lives of students and faculty is an amazing thing, and you never know how God is going to work.

One year several kids accept God's gift of salvation, the next year everyone gets excited about prayer. Students in the Upper School decide to follow God seriously while students in the Lower School focus on being more compassionate. I love to watch the Holy Spirit do His work.  

However, this post is not really about SIW. It may have already moved from your mind, but I started this whole discussion by saying, "ICSB has a wonderful group of teachers."

I wanted to make the connection to a bigger picture than Spiritual Impact Week. The staff at ICSB does not need a special week for spiritual impact. They strive for this on a regular week, all year long. Your children are blessed to have teachers that make the Bible a relevant part of their regular lessons, and not just in Bible class.  

In music they sing and play of the wonder of Jesus. In science they look at the amazing creativity of our God. History is taught from the perspective that God is in control of events in our world. Math is full of the logic and structure which we see in a created universe. Art can help us tell stories of beauty that come from the Lord. Language gives us words and stories to communicate the love of God. PE builds community and helps us honor the Lord with our bodies and efforts.

Our teachers and these lessons are what make SIW work. These daily, moment by moment lessons are what make spiritual impact work.

Lord, thank You for teachers that strive to walk in the Spirit, who listen to Your leading as they plan, and who work diligently to make a positive spiritual impact on the lives of the students and families at ICSB.

Dan Bishop

School Chaplain