Scavenger Hunt, Minefield and Slip'n'Slide
Jodi Revell, Heather Endicott, Szilvi Lázár and Dr. Dan Bishop

Super Weekend is a highlight of the school year and students always look forward to all the fun and fellowship they get to enjoy. High School got a head start by leaving to Vajta last Thursday morning, Elementary and Middle School students stayed in Diósd for their festivities on Friday.

The ELEMENTARY students and staff had a great FUN FRIDAY this year! We started off our day with some line dancing on the sport court and then had a teacher swap read-a-loud where teachers read a book to a different class than their own. We also did a gratitude project in which the kids made thank-you cards for our school maintenance and cleaning staff. Next, the highlight of every Fun Friday, the scavenger hunt. This year's hunt had the twist of being a photo scavenger hunt and the 4th grade class came in 1st Place! We finished our fun day with a snack and movie on the big screen in the gym. Yay for Fun Friday!

For our MIDDLE SCHOOL DAY, Dr. Bishop guided students through the gospels to examine how Jesus models habits for us to live by. We also played a variety of games to help us grow as a middle school community. From class games, that required students to work together to write words with one pen, to human Bowling and human Hungry Hungry Hippo. We finished the day with a walk to the quarry to play Alaskan Baseball 🐔 and a group favorite, Minefield. We were gifted with beautiful weather for a fantastic day together!

HIGH SCHOOL RETREAT was such a huge blessing! It is a much anticipated event for high school students, and they are always really excited to spend these days together, to build community through games, activities, hang-out time, and small group discussions. The chapel challenges from the book of Ruth helped us to see that God works in many ways to accomplish the big picture that He has planned. We learned, prayed and worshiped together but also got to spend a lot of time outside. Tug-of-war, slip 'n' slide and dodge ball were a lot of fun, we had an amazing campfire and as tradition demands it - took a group picture on the steps behind the castle. These were some action packed three days that will be remembered for many years to come!

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