Celebrating Principals' Month with Mr. Kelley!

As we celebrate Principals' Month, get to know Mr. Kelley a little better before "Coffee Time with the Principal" coming up in the next couple weeks.

Mr. Kelley arrived at #ICSBudapest in 2013, teaching Middle School history and technology and later serving as child protection officer and lead teacher. In 2021, he became the Lower School principal. Before coming to ICSB, he taught at a U.S. college. He is passionate about empowering teacher instruction, student learning, and parent involvement. Dave and his wife, Jenn, have three children who attend ICSB. Dave holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Secondary Education.

We asked him about the times when he was in school as a student and about his role now.


What did you want to become when you were in school?

For much of my childhood, I wanted to be an electrician, like my dad. In high school I seriously considered the military and smoke jumping, but I ended up working as an electrician for about 10 years after I graduated. The only thing I knew I didn't want to do was be a teacher...!


What clubs/sports did you participate in at school?

I was in five different school systems in as many years during my early adolescent years, making sports and music difficult to get involved in. My last years of high school, I was the lead in a school play and drama club president. I also was highly involved in campus ministry in my public school, working to minister to students from middle school through high school.


What do you enjoy most about your work as principal?

It's all still new and I haven't even done everything yet, but so far I really enjoy problem solving. I like helping students, parents, and teachers think through challenges and develop solutions so we can all grow to be more like Christ.


What are your goals as principal?

Organizing the elementary and middle schools into one Lower School in a way that supports excellent education and a Christ-like environment is my number one priority for this year. Facilitating collaborative teacher groups, using assessment to inform student learning, and opening communication with parents are key goals I have to make that reorganization possible.