Ice Skating Fun

Kim Rickard

Some say that it only takes two years to establish a tradition. Ice skating with the ICSB community goes well beyond that and is a long standing tradition that continues to connect the new families with the old.

Each year after Christmas many of the school families enjoy ice skating together at City Park ice rink. After not being able to go last year, due to COVID, it was fun to be able to get together for the tradition again. There were current students and families as well as alumni who went. This year an alumni parent said that ice skating on the 26th is a priority for their family.

This tradition goes back more than 15 years and use to happen the morning of December 24th. It started off with some American missionaries going because their Hungarian teammates were busy preparing for Christmas Eve, and the ice rink wasn't busy. Once the ice rink started closing on Christmas Eve the tradition was moved to the morning of December 26th. Now there are many nationalities from our school community who attend each year.