Historical Hungarian Fiction
Tricia Fraser

We have resources to help you and your kids get to know Hungary better! This week, we're featuring historical fiction set in Hungary. 

Hanna's Cold Winter - by Trish Marx

Set in WWII, a child tells how her family and other people in Budapest help save the famous hippopotamuses in their city's zoo from starving one difficult winter during World War II. This picture book is based on a true story and features beautiful watercolor paintings of a number of Budapest landmarks. 

The Good Master, The Singing Tree, and The White Stag - all by Kate Seredy

The first two books are set on the Hungarian plains during the WWI era. The White Stag tells of the Huns' migration from Asia. Check out these award-winning titles for realistic slices of Hungarian history, appropriate for kids grades 3-6. . 

Eclipse of the Crescent Moon - by Géza Gárdonyi

This Hungarian classic is set in the 16th century during the 150-year Ottoman occupation. Besides the tales of several battles, the novel details the 1552 Siege of Eger, during which Captain István Dobó's 2,000 Hungarian men, women and children inside the county's castle, defeated a Turkish force of 80,000 men. The Hungarian title, Egri csillagok> (literally, "Stars of Eger"), is required reading in Hungarian schools.

Remember that you can request library books and we will leave them for parents to pick up on the table by reception! 

Tricia Fraser