Farewell to Ms. Setran

Susan Cooper

We said farewell to Ms. Setran last week as she wrapped up her time here at ICSB student teaching. We are so grateful the she was with us this semester. We asked her about her experience at ICSB and her future plans. 


How did you see God in your life while you were here?

God is so present in every moment, but it's easy to forget in the business of school. I saw God when I intentionally invited him into my day. Praying before planning my lessons or grading helped me recognize that I really can't do anything on my own. It also helped me recognize that even history class can have eternal significance if it is for the glory of the Lord. I also loved the moments when I could talk to students about my faith and the truth of the gospel. These moments often happened through coaching or in the halls before class. The Spirit is clearly at work through ICSB, and I am grateful I got to be a part of it!


What skills/valuable lessons will you take back with you?

I learned so much about the value of clear expectations. When I could communicate well to my students, they were quick to engage and complete tasks. I also learned how important it is to admit when you make mistakes. Since this was my first time teaching, I messed up quite a few times. This required humility on my part to admit and then correct what was wrong. I also learned to accept feedback and grow from it. Teaching is a profession where you could always improve. I want to constantly reflect and ask for feedback so that I can continue to grow. If I expect my students to constantly be learning, then I should be learning too!


What are your plans after ICSB?

I am heading back to finish my Masters in Teaching through Wheaton College. Specifically this spring I will be writing my thesis and hopefully subbing at some high schools in the area. After that I am unclear, but I trust that the Lord will lead!


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