Are Graphic Novels Good For Your Kids?

Our small collection of graphic novels has been growing steadily, and we can't keep them on the shelf. Many of you have likely seen your students bringing some home, and more will be coming when our next book order arrives! Read on for some interesting facts about graphic novels.

The book, "NEW KID" by Jerry Craft, made HISTORY this year as the first graphic novel to ever win the Newberry Award. You can check it out in our library! 

But are graphic novels good for your kids? They look like comic books, so shouldn't we still be encouraging our students to read "real books" instead? 


1. Reading graphic novels builds comprehension and critical thinking skills 

Reading a graphic novel involves more than just making sense of the words on the page and looking at art that complements the words. The art actually tells part of the story. So the reader has to decode and comprehend the text, the images, and the relationship between the two, which requires critical thinking skills such as drawing conclusions and making inferences. But that is good news, according to educational researcher P.E. Griffith, because “processing text and images together leads to better recall and transfer of learning. With [graphic novels], students not only learn the material faster, they learn it better.

2. Graphic novels get children and teens excited about reading strong

Studies show that graphic novels are a preferred format for both boys and girls, and for both struggling and skilled readers, which contradicts the myth that graphic novels are for primarily for boys and children who “aren’t good readers.” Educational researcher B. Edwards also discovered that middle school students who weren’t interested in reading were more likely to read graphic novels, because they enjoyed the format and felt they could challenge themselves more.

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Request some books today and I can leave them at the table by reception for you to pick up! 

Tricia Fraser