A Faerie Tale by Our Very Own Ms. Jenkins
Tricia Fraser

One of the newest books in our library is by our very own Jess Jenkins, who has returned to ICSB this fall to lead our ELL team and teach 8th grade English. 

Elise and Amos and the Faerie Stone is in high demand, so if you want it place a hold online or ask Mrs. Fraser to help you, so that you can have a turn reading this wonderful book! 

What's it about? 

Twelve-year-old Elise Alexander has been afraid of nearly everything since her parents died five years ago. Moving to a new house is just the latest in a long line of worries. After Elise discovers a troupe of Faerie explorers stranded in her attic, she agrees to help them get back to their home in the Faerie Realm before they make a mess she can't clean up. When the mission goes wrong, Elise must overcome her fears (or at least a few of them) and make it home before Aunt Mim finds out!


Mrs. Fraser had the privilege of reading Elise and Amos and the Faerie Stone before it got added to our library shelf. She said this, "This was a fun adventure. It includes some delightfully familiar fantasy elements - fairies, elves, portals to other worlds, etc. And there's still plenty to keep it original and fun, and to keep you wondering what will happen next."