MAP Testing

  • Schoolwide (grades P1-12)
MAP Testing


What are MAP tests?

NWEA® MAP® Growth™ tests are computer-adaptive tests that measure your child's current skill level. It helps teachers understand how well your child is doing in subjects like math, reading, and science.

Here's a simple way to explain it:

  1. Assessment: Think of it as a test, but not the regular kind. It's designed to see what your child knows and what they need to learn better.

  2. Personalized: It's not the same for every student. Each child gets questions that match their skill level, so it's just right for them. If your child answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If they answer a question incorrectly, the next one is easier.

  3. Measuring Growth: Teachers use MAP tests to see how much your child has grown in their learning from year to year. It helps them adjust lessons to fit your child's needs.

  4. Not a Pass or Fail: There's no pass or fail in MAP testing. It's more like a guide for teachers and parents to help students do their best.

  5. Helping Teachers: Teachers use the results to plan lessons and give your child the best education possible. The tests also track growth over time.

  6. Parent Involvement: You will hear about your child's MAP scores from the school, and you can talk to teachers about how to support your child's learning based on the results.

In short, NWEA MAP testing is a tool that helps teachers understand your child's strengths and areas where they need help, so they can provide the right kind of support for their learning journey.


Subject areas and grade levels


We measure students' skill level in:

  • Reading (grades Pre1st through 10th)
  • Reading Fluency (grades Pre1st through 3rd)
  • Mathematics (grades Pre1st through 10th)
  • Science (grades 3rd through 8th)
  • Language Usage (grades 2nd through 8th).


Test Windows


Fall Test Window - typically end of September to early October

Winter Test Window* - typically in January

Spring Test Window - typically in May

*Winter Testing - Students in grades Pre-1st through 8th who scored below the 40th percentile in Math or Reading in the Fall testing may be re-tested in January. This test is to monitor the student’s current level of achievement as compared to the Fall score. This helps teachers know which students need additional support to reach grade-level goals.


Would you like to know more about MAP tests?


If you would like to know more about how this assessment looks for your child, go to the Student Resources page. There you can watch a video and do a practice test.

You can also look to these resources for additional information:

Results will be sent home a few weeks after the testing period.


We recommend your child eat a healthy breakfast and bring a healthy snack to school on test days.


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