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Congratulations Class of 2020!


Even in these uncertain times, we are committed to celebrate you, our seniors, the Class of 2020 in a way that will bring you honor, express our pride in you, show our appreciation for your achievements, and affirm your strength and resilience. We want you to know that we are working to create a memorable graduation experience for you. Above all, we pray God's blessing on your life, today and in the future.

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Whether near or far, we care deeply for the seniors of Class 2020. Share a message of congratulations and encouragement with our amazing graduates today!

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Meet the Class of 2020

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Haley Bishop
Tinsae Bogale
Daniel Borrero
Steven Cheng
Balázs Eberlein
Bence Gál
Noëlle Gál
Lucia Lernyei
Linda Li
Chad Mason
Connor Morgan
Seth Newell
Abigail Abby Pollard
Jenna Sunberg
Libby Tang
Joshua Thiesen
Alexander Alex Tonchev
Ereina Totman
Jonathan Wang
Joe Zhou

Senior Blessing for Class of 2020

Seniors are always celebrated in a very unique way at ICSB. Even though this year is ending differently than the ones before, Mr. Southwell and the high school teachers still wanted to honor our traditions and bless our seniors. These special encounters were recorded and collected in this video. Our high school students, parents and teachers watched it together during a Zoom meeting on the last day of our seniors' high school carreer.

The Story of the Surprise Cap and Gown Packages


Since we are not on campus, we wanted to surprise the Class of 2020 with a special home delivery; a package that not only held their caps and gowns but also a little extra sweetness. 

Some of our high school teachers happily volunteered to deliver the packages to the homes of our seniors, and, as you can see in the video, seeing each other face to face brought joy to both young and old(er). These big smiles genuinely show how much love and care there is in our community, and we are so grateful to be a part of it. 

Class of 2020, you are amazing! Thank you for smiling even when it's not easy to be smiling! You are an inspiration!

A big thanks to all who contributed to this surprise project, to those who thought of it, shopped for it, prepared it and delivered it! 


Bright Futures Ahead

We are so proud of our graduating class's achievements. Check out some of the universities, colleges and other higher education institutions they will be attending in the fall!