Tony Tonchev

Tony Tonchev

In this Senior Spotlight, meet Tony from Bulgaria, who attended ICSB for six years.

What have you been involved in at ICSB?

Soccer (7th Grade), Musical (7th-8th Grade), Musical Backstage (Junior), Band (7th-9th Grade), Choir (7th-8th Grade), Chapel Team (7th-12th Grade), Yearbook (Sophomore), Varsity Volleyball (10th-12th Grade), NHS Member (11th-12th Grade), AV Club (Senior)

Share about a teacher(s) and how they have impacted you positively.

Having German with Mrs. Márton for three years was a great experience. Mrs. Márton is a really great teacher as well as a great person. She made class fun as well as educational, and you could easily tell that she cared for us as friends rather than solely students. She would always ask us how we were doing and would make sure we were not overwhelmed with schoolwork and always managed to find a way to make class fun.

What’s your favorite thing or memory about ICSB?

My favorite thing about ICSB is the huge community events that we have, such as the Basketball Tournament (Winter Classic) and Family Field Day. I just love how the entire school comes together and just hangs out and all the hype that comes with the events. It just really shows how great the ICSB community is and gives us a chance to continue building that community. For me, the Basketball Tournament during my 7th-grade year (first year at ICSB) was a great time when I really felt like part of the ICSB community.

What has been the highlight of your senior year?

The highlight of my senior year has been enjoying time with the senior class in general. Whether it be in class, planning the Upper School Retreat, at the Bonfire, or at a party, I just love how we as a class have gotten so close to each other, and sitting in each other's presence is just such a good time.

What are some of the ways you’ve grown since you first came to ICSB?

Throughout my time at ICSB, I have learned to trust and rely on others rather than doing everything myself. Life becomes much easier when you have people around you who love you and want to see you succeed.

Will you be attending college next year?


Which college(s) have you been accepted?

Taylor University, Belmont University, Baylor University, Hussons, Hofstra, Georgia Southern

Which school will you attend?

Taylor University

What will be your major or area of focus?

Computer Science