Petra Győri

Petra Győri

In this Senior Spotlight, meet Petra from Hungary, who attended ICSB for four years.

What have you been involved in at ICSB?

Senior Store, NHS, Choir, MS Musical Crew, Art

Share about a teacher(s) and how they have impacted you positively.

There are many teachers that I appreciate and thank so much for being motivating and inspiring for me. They helped me grow in my skills and confidence. Their passion for teaching reflects on the school environment and encourages a more welcoming and open community.

What has been the highlight of your senior year?

The events and get-togethers we did together as a class. Just enjoying all the trips and events for the last time put it in a more cherished perspective and made me enjoy it even more. There were so many funny moments with the class that made the days more lighthearted and joyful.

What are some of the ways you’ve grown since you first came to ICSB?

In pretty much all areas a person can grow (except height), I did. I grew into a person I never was - fully myself without much fear of judgment. I also grew in many skills and academic areas, as it was a totally new set of courses I got to take after what was required in my schools before ICSB.

Will you be attending college next year?

I am planning to take a gap year.

Which college(s) have you been accepted?

Pennsylvania State University

What will be your major or area of focus?