Olivia Baker

Olivia Baker

In this Senior Spotlight, meet Olivia from America, who attended ICSB for two years. 

What have you been involved in at ICSB? 

Volleyball, Track, Dance Team, Musical, Choir, SLC, Chapel Team, Art, Honors Choir

What’s your favorite thing or memory about ICSB?

Sports - Track practice in the rain, Volleyball DVACs, Tournament
Music- Honors choir, Choir, Musical.

What are some of the ways you’ve grown since you first came to ICSB?

I've grown in my friendships with others and as a person. I've been able to be surrounded by a good community of encouraging people, growing closer to my peers as well as students from the lower school.

Will you be attending college next year?


Which college(s) have you been accepted to?

Ouachita University and Boyce College

Which school will you attend?

I have not yet decided.

What will be your major or area of focus?