Joshua Sanderford

Joshua Sanderford

In this Senior Spotlight, meet Josh from the United States of America, who attended ICSB for two years.

What have you been involved in at ICSB? 

Volleyball - 2 years, Choir, Musical - 2 years

Share about a teacher(s) and how they have impacted you positively.

Mr. Jefferies has been a constant encouragement these past two years, pushing me to be a better academic student and a better person. On top of this, he has been a massive help in my college search this year. I don't know what ICSB would do without our Mr. Jefferies.

What’s your favorite thing or memory about ICSB?

My favorite memory from ICSB would probably be doing "Just Dance" in the chapel as the senior class. Almost everyone participated, and the whole ordeal was just a genuinely fun thing we did.

What has been the highlight of your senior year?

The highlight of this year was that my whole family was together over the holidays. There is nothing like the Sanderford six laughing and talking at the dinner table.

What are some of the ways you’ve grown since you first came to ICSB?

I have come to understand how God can work in ways I never expected. Through my time here at ICSB, I have had no choice but to live by faith in various areas of life, deepening my relationship with him. On a lighter note, my music taste has broadened a lot over these years, so I guess that's kinda cool.

Will you be attending college next year?


Which college(s) have you been accepted to?

John Brown University, Abilene Christian University, LeTourneau University

Which school will you attend?

John Brown University

What will be your major or area of focus?

Mechanical Engineering