Ely Mathews

Ely Mathews

In this Senior Spotlight, meet Ely from the United States of America, who attended ICSB for eight years.

What have you been involved in at ICSB? 

8 years of basketball, 3 years of soccer, 2 years of track and field, 4 years of musical, 3 years as a Class Representative in StuCo, 3 years of NHS, 3 years of playing saxophone in band, 3 years of choir, 2 years of yearbook, 1 year of photography, and 3 years of chapel team.

Share about a teacher(s) and how they have impacted you positively.

I'm very grateful to Mr. Fletcher for not letting me slack off this year. Senioritis is REAL, but he didn't let it get to me.

What’s your favorite thing or memory about ICSB?

Despite the fact that the library is meant to be a place of silence, I've had so many great conversations there. I've gotten to know my classmates so much better this year, largely due to those study halls we spent avoiding our homework.

What has been the highlight of your senior year?

I loved bringing home a trophy from the Winter Classic. Thank you to everyone who showed up to support us; the crowd was deafening.

What are some of the ways you’ve grown since you first came to ICSB?

I'm only 5' 9", so not vertically. However, the school has been a great environment for me to grow spiritually. Every teacher is going through their own spiritual journey, and they are all eager to help guide students in their faith. For me, Mr. Culbertson has inspired me to invite God into my daily life through the application of different spiritual practices, such as fasting or silence. My prayer life has also grown as a result of the different chapel talks I've attended throughout the year.

Will you be attending college next year?


Which college(s) have you been accepted to?

Texas A&M, Baylor, and Miami University

Which school will you attend?

Texas A&M University

What will be your major or area of focus?

Political Science and Statistics