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Wonderful Craft Ideas for Rainy Days

In honor of our Usborne book fair, we'd like to highlight some of the wonderful art, craft, and activity books from Usborne that we have in our library.

Growing Bit by Bit

The day that I have been dreading for years has finally come. I am not sure when, but at some point in the past few months JT has passed me and is now officially taller than me!!!  

Scavenger Hunt, Minefield and Slip'n'Slide

Super Weekend is a highlight of the school year and students always look forward to all the fun and fellowship they get to enjoy. High School got a head start by leaving to Vajta last Thursday morning, Elementary and Middle School students stayed in Diósd for their festivities on Friday. Read on for their stories.

Integrity Matters

Occasionally after a run, I will stop at the store to buy a water. Most times it is a pretty uneventful task. Last week was a different story - I found a wallet on the ground. Maybe I could buy two waters, or maybe it was an opportunity.

Squirrels in the Library!!!

Who remembers Veggietales? One of the co-founders of Veggietales and the voice of Larry the Cucumber has written a series of books for kids called The Dead Sea Squirrels...

Life-Size Art Projects in High School

What is an art installation? What statement is the artist making by placing their artwork in a particular chosen space? These and other thought provoking questions the High School Art Appreciation students are currently attempting to answer by creating 3D life-size sculptures of themselves out of packing tape and plastic wrap and then installing their tape people around the school.

What is a Community?

Have you ever looked through one of those "Word of the Day" calendars?  They can be quite interesting (or utterly enthralling, maybe even altogether riveting).  Read more to find out today's Word of the Day.

Temperature Checking - ☑️

As previously announced, we officially began checking student and staff temperatures today, October 1st. Check out how we do this at ICSB and see some fun pictures from the first official day of this new routine.