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The Upper School Grades took last Wednesday to get out beyond the campus and learn some new things by visiting various spots in Budapest. Not only is Budapest a beautiful city but it is a place with a rich history.

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As our fall season draws to a close, we want to thank these extraordinary ladies and gentlemen who have chosen to give their time and talents to our ICSB students.

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It is Parent-Teacher Conference Week at ICSB. The mission of ICSB has always been to serve families by partnering with them in educating their children, and parent-teacher conferences are a great opportunity to connect.

Quotation Marks

We probably all know someone with an amazing ability to recall what seems to be every song lyric from various eras. Or maybe you have been amazed by a friend with an encyclopedic knowledge of movie quotes. I do not possess either of these "life skills."

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Our Upper School students gathered Friday evening for the annual Fall Party, hosted by StuCo. The night was filled with pumpkins, costumes, music, pillow fights and more!

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Friday, November 11 was Lower School Fall Field Trip Day.  Students from Pre1st through 8th Grade were out and about the greater Budapest area for a day of learning adventures and fun!

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As the Fall Sports season draws to a close, we want to recognize our senior athletes and their contributions to ICSB's volleyball and soccer programs.