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It is always a joy to see old friends! Last week, former #ICSBudapest director Kenny Young and his wife Donna came to the school for a visit. 

watercolor door painting with Bible verse

Whenever I get an opportunity to go to a museum, I am tempted to stand there staring while I rub my chin. I am sure that it would make me look more intelligent.

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What do you do when a student wants to find some competition at the chess table? What if no one else knows how to play? Teach them!

world map with John 3:16

For years I have promoted the idea of having a John 3:16 Day in honor of this great passage of Scripture that is so recognizable for so many.

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The ICSB Family has its ultimate bond through our shared relationship with the Lord. But there is also a beautiful story to tell of former ICSB students who have married one another over the years.