Teacher with students in the classroom

What's New?

When Our Staff "Shakes It Off"

Check out this fun video of our staff putting on wigs and all sorts of crazy things, dancing and making complete fools of themselves to CHEER UP our high schoolers.


We are now getting into the days when many resolutions that were made for the new year start to fall away. Let me encourage you to keep going. Soon it will be a habit.

Raising Third Culture Kids

The ICSB library has books for everyone in our community, including parents! For those of you who are raising your kids outside your home culture, we have some new books which can help. Read more to check them out!

Stories from East Asia

Among our new books, we have three stories featuring East Asia. Read on to learn about these great, award-winning books with our age recommendations!

Thank You from the Salvation Army

A few days before Christmas a group of NHS students delivered the gift bags and the money donated by our community to the Salvation Army. When told how much money was raised for them, they were shocked and deeply touched. Read on for photos and more of the story. 

Happy New Year

This is going to be my best year ever! Bad habits will be eliminated, positive ones will begin. It is going to be awesome! It is going to be epic! But since January 1st falls on a Friday, I will wait until Monday.

Over 270 New Books In Our Library!

Over the Christmas break, more than 130 new library books arrived. When you add these books together with the new ebooks we received last month, it means that over 270 books have been added to our library in just the last few weeks! 

Introducing Kristi Hiltibran, PhD!

It is with great pride that we announce this amazing achievement of our school director! Read on to find out more about her studies.

Notes Traveling to West Africa

Ms. Ros Barnes, our Curriculum Advisor used to work at Sahel Academy in West Africa. The school had been flooded very badly back in August. Read about how ICSB reached out to help and encourage them.