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Laura Hawkins

Laura Hawkins

In this Senior Spotlight, meet Laura, who is half Hungarian, half American. She spent 3 and a half years at ICSB with a few gaps.


What’s your favorite TV show or movie?



What have you been involved in at ICSB?

I played volleyball in the fall season and am part of the high school band. I am also a member of the National Honor Society and Student Council.


How long have you been at ICSB?

I first came to ICSB in the middle of 5th grade and stayed until 7th grade. Then I left for a few years and returned for my junior and senior years. So in total, it was 3 and a half years.


What’s your favorite place on campus and why?

My favorite place on campus would have to be the gym. I had all my volleyball practices there which were some of the best times I had. And I also played many volleyball games there too. Additionally, the pep rally was very memorable, since it was our last.


How have your teachers impacted you?

I am so thankful for Ms. Swenson. She has supported me through the AP Chemistry class and helped me in my studies for the entrance exam to medical school. Her eagerness to help was such a blessing and I am forever grateful for the time she sacrificed for me and the other students. I felt relieved to know that no matter how stressed I was about a certain topic for her class or my entrance exam if I asked her for help she would go out of her way to answer my questions. She kept my love for science alive by making all of her lessons fun and understandable. No matter if we were taking six pages of notes that day or doing a lab, I was always excited to be learning from her. 


What’s your favorite thing or memory about ICSB?

I really enjoyed the winter classic this year. Even with the restrictions present, I think that we were able to bring the best out of it. I loved to watch the boys and girls compete and I was super excited that I also got to play some sports (basketball and volleyball) with close friends. Additionally, parties hosted by the Student Council, like the fall and winter parties, have been a blast. It was really fun to plan and take part in all of those activities.


What colleges did you apply to and where are you planning to attend?

I applied to Semmelweis University, Stanford University, and the University of Szeged. I was accepted to my first-choice school, Semmelweis University, where I will be studying medicine in the fall.


What is your dream job?

I want to become a surgeon.