Teacher with students in the classroom


Our Facilities

Our school is situated in Diosd, Hungary on a lovely plot of over 5,000 square meters. The school is made up of three parts, though it is in fact one large building complex measuring approximately 6,600 square meters. The building includes  22 classrooms of various sizes, science labs, art and music rooms, a gymnasium with a stage, a weight room, a cafeteria, offices, and a parking garage. 


Technology is an integral part of ICSB’s overall plan for continuing to fulfill its mission. We believe that combining effective, trained teachers with the power of technology will create an environment that provides for optimal learning. 

ICSB has two computer labs as well as iPad sets for early grades (Grades Pre-1st through 5) and laptop sets for middle grades. Grades 9-12 have implemented a "bring your own device" approach to technology integration. Each classroom has a computer and projector; both teachers and students use Microsoft Office 365. Our school’s learning management system is PowerSchool.


The Library at ICSB is a true reference center. In addition to thousands of fiction, non-fiction and resource books available, the students, staff, and parents have access to extensive on-line research through SIRS. Britannica, and EBSCO. The library catalog is accessible through the school portal for easy title search and research from home.