APs: Online, At Home, At The Same Time, Worldwide!

Our Advanced Placement students’ virtual school days are even more different during the two weeks from May 11 – 22. Normally, AP Exams are taken at school during normal school hours. Of course, there is no normal right now. As a result of the pandemic, the AP program changed its exams so they’re being held around the globe, at the same time.  With their unique AP Exam ticket and a click on their track pad or mobile device, ICSB’s AP students will be taking their 45-minute exams at 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00 in their homes.

We’re thankful that the AP Program worked for the past two months to completely revamp the exam process so our students can receive credit for the college-level work they’ve been doing all year long. Universities worldwide are committed to awarding credit for 3s, 4s, and 5s, just as in previous years.

The first exam started at 6pm tonight for Matthew F. in AP Physics: Mechanics, and there will be 40+ ICSB students taking 63 AP exams in the next two weeks, be on the lookout for updates on our social media! Let’s keep our AP Students in our prayers and give them a shout out! Congratulations on working hard to complete your AP Exams this year!