Covid Situation Update

Thank you very much for your prayers and support as our school community has been greatly affected by this pandemic. Please INFORM US if anyone in your household tests positive with Covid. Please, read on for IMPORTANT updates and information.

We would like to request that you PLEASE INFORM US at if ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID-19. Even though we are not meeting for instruction at the school building, we are still trying to track students' and staff members' health. We would also like to know about the family situations (parents and sibling cases) to help us to understand the scope of the situation and to be better able to support you.

Below is a report of how the pandemic has affected our school. Although we are not sharing names, please continue to pray for all the people represented by these numbers. We are grateful that a large majority are recovered (though symptoms may linger), but a few are in more serious condition. If you have further questions or concerns, rather than contacting teachers or staff members, please contact Kristi Hiltibran.

Covid Statistics for the 2020-2021 School Year, as reported to ICSB

Updated March 25, 2021

  Staff Students
Total Positive Tests 38 11
Total Positive Tests in the past 3 weeks 33 10
New Positive Tests in the past week 3 1
Not Recovered Total currently in hospital 3 (1 in ICU) 0
Total currently in self-isolation/quarantine 3 2
Total recovered (post quarantine) 32 9