Smiling young boy in the elementary school playground

We are so pleased to welcome students back to our campus for an exciting year of teaching and learning! There is no way to completely eliminate the risks of attending school during this global pandemic.

Our goal is to strive to keep everyone safe and healthy by implementing strategies that will reduce those risks while still enabling a quality educational program. Please understand that this situation is evolving, and these measures are subject to change.

We ask that you carefully review the information below, and contact us with any feedback or questions. 

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ICSB Community Pledge

At ICSB, living in community is vital to our mission, and we are stronger together than alone. This global pandemic and the risks it poses to our community require a commitment from each of us. While our ultimate trust and hope is in God, let's pledge together to do our part to protect our community by:

  • Diligently monitoring health and staying home (or keeping children home) if sick or symptomatic
  • Following all school guidelines aimed at preventing the spread of the virus
  • Promoting good communication by reading school related announcements and informing the school of any issues
  • Supporting and assisting others in the community, knowing this can be a stressful time
  • Discussing with family members and others the important personal choices we must make to protect ourselves and others

All of us, young and old, have a shared responsibility in making ICSB as healthy and safe as possible!


Our Strategies For Reducing Risks

Teacher with students in the classroom

Healthy Policies

establishing a culture of health, safety, and shared responsibility

Healthy Environment

following safe practices on our campus


Healthy Program

enjoying educational activities, though they may be modified