Current Seat Availability

Female teacher teaching a female and a male high school student

We wish we could welcome every family who desires a high-quality Christian education! 

School policy outlines admission priorities to maintain ICSB's mission as a school and also limits classroom capacity at each grade level to ensure all students receive the individualized attention they deserve.

In making decisions, we factor in the overall cultural diversity of our student body and the size and composition of the class (grade level) the student is applying for. 

We recognize the effort and financial commitment families make to start and complete a private school application process. We believe transparent communication about our availability in each grade level will help families make a decision about applying and will provide an understanding of their chances to be admitted before they start the process.


2024-2025 School Year Enrollment Status By Grade

Last Updated: April 25, 2024

Grade Current Enrollment Status (as of January 2024) 
Pre-1st Limited Seats Available 1
1st Seats Available 1
2nd Seats Available 
3rd Limited Seats Available 1
4th At Capacity - Wait Pool 1,3
5th Seats Available 1
6th Limited Seats Available 1,2
7th Seats Available 1,2
8th Closed - No Wait Pool 2,3
9th At Capacity - Wait Pool 2,3
10th At Capacity - Wait Pool 2,3
11th At Capacity - Wait Pool 2,3
12th At Capacity - Wait Pool 2,3

1 - Preference for advanced/fluent English-speakers

2 - Applicants must meet the required English language level expectation

3 - Full-time ministry families should always contact the Admission Office, regardless of seat availability. 


What Does Enrollment Status Mean?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Admission Office via email.