Affording ICSB

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English-Language Christian Education: A Lasting Investment


When choosing ICSB, you are not only investing in a strong, English-language academic program but in a safe and nurturing environment designed to help shape the heart and character of your child. We believe your investment will be worth it!


Parent Contribution Fee

2023-2024 school year


The Parent Contribution Fee includes*:

  • Our full educational program (core classes and specials, including art and music)
  • Textbooks and access to online educational resources 
  • Access to iPads in Early Grades (Pre-1st through 5th grades) and laptops in Middle Grades (6th through 8th grades) during the school day
  • Musical theater program (6th through 12th grades) 
  • Athletics, team sports (6th through 12th grades) 
  • Curricular field trips 
  • 1 yearbook per student

*For fees and expenses not covered by the Parent Contribution Fee, see our Additional Fees and Other Expenses to Consider sections!

Grade Level Parent Contribution Fee Amount (USD)
Pre-1 8,000
Grades 1-5 12,800
Grades 6-12* 14,000*

* Additionally, a 1,000 USD Senior Fee applies to all 12th grade students. See our Additional Fees!


Sibling Discount

The oldest student in the family will be charged the full fee, while any additional younger students in the same family will receive an automatic 10% discount


Ministry Scholarship

In honor of our missionary commitment, those applicants whose parents serve in full-time Christian ministry will be awarded the Ministry Scholarship, which offers a 40-60% discount on the Parent Contribution Fee, depending on circumstances. You can apply for this scholarship by filling out the Financial Assistance Application form during the admission process (see the Financial Assistance section below).

The Ministry Scholarship does not apply to the Additional Fees!