Teacher with students in the classroom

How and When to Apply

Complete the online registration process

Complete the first  step in the enrollment process at:  


Please note the application at the end of the online process that must downloaded and completed.

submit your completed application

Send the completed application (downloaded from the online registration) to registrar@icsbudapest.org.



submit the required documentation

Send completed all documentation to registrar@icsbudapest.org:

Required documentation:

  • Report cards or transcripts (for the last 3 years), OR, if applying to Pre-First or First Grade, a completed reference form 

  • Standardized test results (within the last 3 years) 

  • Any diagnostic tests completed (for things like dyslexia, learning differences, speech therapy, ADHD, autism spectrum, or health needs) 

  • The student’s IEP or any specialized learning plan (if there is one) 

  • A photocopy of complete immunization record from physician, school, or government 

  • A photocopy of your child’s passport

**Please note these documents may be in either English or Hungarian. If they are in any other language, the original copy must be accompanied by an official translation into English (along with the grade scale).**

Pay application fee

Please pay the $155 (USD) Application Fee.

This can be paid in cash at ICSB's business office. Checks should be made out to the “Intercede Foundation.” Please contact registrar@icsbudapest.org for information about electronic transfer of funds.

If for some reason we cannot accept your child, all but a $25 processing fee will be returned to you.

We will be in touch!

After we have reviewed your application, we may contact you to arrange a family interview and to set up academic testing for your child. If English is not spoken in your home, an English test will also be given to help us determine how much English language support your child will need. 

After your child’s application process is complete we will notify you in writing if we can accept your child.  





Applications for new student are accepted anytime; however, the optimal time to apply is during the admissions window, described below.


  • Re-enrollment of current students


  • Applications for new students are considered
  • Admissions testing is administered
  • References and previous schools may be contacted
  • Family interviews are conducted


  • Admissions decisions are made, but applications continue to be accepted and considered if space is available.
  • Families are notified of the decision. If not accepted, a portion of the application fee is refunded.