Supplemental Services

ICSB offers a wide array of services to students with special learning needs, the most of any English-speaking school in Budapest. Depending on the need of our students and the availability of staff, here are some of the programs that have been offered to ICSB students in recent years: 

Resource Assistance: Supplemental Services offers resource assistance to struggling students within and outside the traditional classroom. Staffed by special education professionals, students at ICSB have the opportunity to receive proper and appropriate intervention on a short-term or ongoing basis. 

NILD Educational Therapy: Since 1997, ICSB has had the NILD program. The National Institute for Learning Differences (NILD) is a US-based organization which trains therapists to work with students with learning differences. The NILD web-site states that, “…NILD trains educators in a model of intervention utilizing a variety of techniques designed to stimulate cognitive and perceptual functioning. The goal of NILD Educational Therapy™ is to equip individuals with learning disabilities to succeed as independent learners.” 

Sensory Integration Program: Students with Sensory Integration (SI) Dysfunction are more likely than others to struggle with learning due to an interruption in the brain’s ability to interpret sensory information. The Sensory Integration (SI) program is designed to increase sensory awareness in the participating students through strategic gross motor body movements. We are convinced that this sensory integration program is essential to the academic progress in particular students. 

Speech Therapy: Speech Therapy provides diagnosis and specific individual treatment for speech and language delays. Each therapy session is personalized to meet the need of the specific student. Regular assessment is made to determine the continued course of action, and completion of therapy.