The Library at ICSB is a true Reference Center. In addition to 5000+ fiction, non-fiction and resource books available, the students and staff have access to extensive on-line research through SIRS and EBSCO. The entire library uses a computerized catalog for easy check-out and title search, and students can access this through the school portal.


Technology is be an integral part of ICSB’s overall plan for continuing to fulfill its mission. We believe that combining effective, trained teachers with the power of technology will create an environment that provides for optimal learning. We are committed to ensuring and improving student and teacher access to appropriate devices and the Internet. 

ICSB has 2 computer labs as well as several class iPad sets (for Elementary and Middle School) which can be used in any classroom. Grades 9-12 implement a "bring your own device" approach to technology integration. Each classroom has a computer and projector; both teachers and students use Microsoft Office 365. 

Our school’s learning management system is Canvas and our Student Information System is Sycamore.