English Language Learners

ICSB welcomes students whose mother tongue is not English but who would like to study and be educated in English. The ELL Program for English Language Learners provides classes designed to equip students with the linguistic, academic, and social skills to succeed at ICSB. 

When a student applies, he or she will take a brief English placement test to determine his or her language ability, and may be placed in either ELL I (Beginners) or ELL II (Intermediate) classes.

Office Hours

Our secretary and/or our receptionist are in the office to help you from

8:00-4:00 weekdays during the school year, 

and from 8:00 - 2:00 on Monday through Friday in the summer, except for Hungarian and U.S. holidays.

Bell Schedule

Health Office

Our health office personnel are available each day to care for any student with health care needs. A school doctor is also on campus one day each week. In addition, students receive an annual physical exam, dental check-up, and any required immunizations.