From the Director

Thank you for your interest in the International Christian School of Budapest! 

The sponsoring missions of this school and I that believe God is doing special work in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and we believe God has raised up ICSB as a unique tool in order to help accomplish that work. We appreciate your interest in joining us as we educate students from a biblical perspective.

There are several things you should know about ICSB that will help you as you begin the application process:

  • We hire only Christian teachers with a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

  • All academic subjects are taught within the framework of a sound biblical world view that imparts Christian values and affirms the authority of the Scriptures. All classes at ICSB are taught in English, with assistance provided for non-native English speakers. Teacher applicants must be fluent in English. Our academic program for grades Pre1-12 helps prepare students for entry into North American colleges and universities.

  • We do not pay salaries; all faculty members and administrators must raise their own financial support to meet all of their living expenses here in Hungary.

The key to our continued success is a professional and dedicated faculty who are committed to students, the pursuit of knowledge, and to living out their faith in Christ Jesus. Our desire is that we enlist the best-qualified and most caring Christian teachers possible. In addition to being teachers, we want our faculty members to develop relationships with kids and to serve as mentors, friends, and disciplers for our students. This positive environment encourages the personal development of each student, and allows students to reach their individual potential.

If you are interested in joining our faculty/staff, please follow the steps below.

1. Pray about your “call." We want teachers who believe that God has called them specifically to serve at our school.

2. Complete the application as soon as possible and submit it to us (via email, fax or regular mail). Please send it to “Attn: Recruiter."

3. Apply for a passport immediately if you don’t already have one. The passport and visa process can take quite a while, and it is often what prevents teachers from arriving on time, so begin the process of getting a valid passport now

4. Choose a “sending mission agency" with whom you desire to serve while at ICSB and begin their application process (see suggestions below). Application to and acceptance by missionary agencies usually takes several months, so begin now!

5. Begin thinking of friends, family members, and other contacts who might wish to help you with financial support; remember that you must raise all money necessary to meet all of your financial obligations.

The references you provide will be contacted and a background check will be conducted. Your signature on the application form authorizes us to do these things.

Because the different time zones can make telephone calls difficult, please provide an email address for correspondence.

I will contact you after the evaluation of your application and, if you are approved, officially invite you to join our staff.

Someone from ICSB will check with you periodically to see how you are doing in your missions application process and your financial support-raising. We want to encourage you as you go through this aspect of preparing to serve here.

The following mission agencies are sponsoring missions at ICSB and would be good “sending agencies" through which to serve here: 

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

Campus Crusade for Christ

Reach Global

United World Mission

Other missions who send staff include: TeachBeyond, Resource Christian Education, Calvary Chapel Church, CB International, Christian Reformed World Missions, Greater Europe Mission, International Mission Board, Mission to the World, OMS, Operation Mobilization (OM), World Team and SEND International

All of these are fine organizations and any one would be glad to speak with you concerning overseas service. Please see our links page for more information on mission agencies.

It is my prayer, and that of the ICSB School Board, that God's perfect will shall be realized in your life as you begin this application process. We trust that God is already at work in those that He is calling to ICSB. I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know more about you as we seek God's will together. If God is indeed calling you to teach here in Budapest, I can promise that you will be challenged and blessed as you serve at ICSB.

In Christ,

David M. Welsh



ICSB offers financial aid to many families, including our full- and part-time faculty and staff members whose children attend ICSB.

We also offer several incentives/assistances in order to encourage and enable faculty & staff members to come to ICSB, and to stay for longer terms of service:

For full-time, non-paid (i.e., “missionary") faculty and/or staff members who commit to serve at ICSB for a minimum of two years can receive

  • $200 per month for use in paying off previously-held school loans. This is available each year the teacher is at ICSB, until the loans are paid off.
  • or $2,000 per year stipend

Scholarships for those pursuing graduate-level study. This is offered at the following rates:

  •            after two (2) years of service to ICSB: $1,000
  •           after three (3) years of service to ICSB: $1,500
  •           after four (4) years of service to ICSB: $2,000