Applications for new students may be accepted anytime; however, these applications will be evaluated and processed accordingly:


January: Re-enrollment of current students


February: All applications for new students are considered; missionary families may be accepted


March: All applications for new students are considered


April 1: Most spots are filled by this date, but applications continue to be accepted and considered if space is available

An application is not “active” (thus it is not considered or evaluated) until the application form is complete and the $155 application fee has been received.

All English speakers are given the WRAT test (may be waived by administration if other equivalent, recent test scores are provided). Prospective 8th graders are given the Algebra Prognosis test.

English Language Learners take the ELL test and the math portion of the WRAT and a reading inventory (this must take place on the ICSB campus). Admission to ICSB and to the ELL program will be dependent upon the student’s grade level, English ability, and the ability of the ICSB program to meet the student’s needs.

When a student is transferring from another English-speaking school in Budapest, the previous school will be contacted.

Family meets with a Grade-Level Principal for a family interview.

Test results are reviewed with the parents, student age and grade level verified.

Transcripts are reviewed by the administration to determine transfer of credits, course recommendations, and graduation requirements (high school students only).

Registrar reviews the Application File with the family to see what is missing, and gives the family some indication as to when they will hear from us.

Students who are accepted: A letter will be sent to the parents, informing them of the student’s acceptance, and directing them to the school website, where important information is available (School Supply List, First Day of School Information, etc.). All remaining items must be completed/turned in before the start of school.

Students who are not accepted: A letter and refund of the $125 application fee is mailed within two weeks of the decision. The $25 processing fee is not refunded.

Students who choose not to enroll: No fees are refunded. The application is kept on file for reference for 3 years in case the student wishes to re-apply.

Students who are not accepted or who choose not to enroll in one year, but are interested for the next year should contact the Registrar any time after February 1 to let us know that you would like to be considered for admission for the following school year.