ICSB was established primarily to provide education for missionary families who are away from their home culture. Additionally, ICSB also seeks to serve international students from the diplomatic and business community, and students from the Hungarian community. 

We will maintain…

  • a predominant Christian atmosphere in the student body
  • a 2/3 majority of elementary students whose parent(s) profess faith in Jesus Christ  
  • a 2/3 majority in both the middle and high school students who profess faith in Jesus Christ
  • a minimum of 1/3 of elementary students whose parents are missionaries
  • a minimum of 1/3 of both middle and high school students whose parents are missionaries. 

Note: For admissions purposes, the term “missionary” refers to those who are employed by a church or mission agency, whose primary vocation and source of livelihood is their mission work in Hungary, and who are serving here away from their home culture.

These principles will guide the decision making as applications are being considered:

While our primary commitment is to missionary families, all students and families are welcome at ICSB.

We will only admit and keep those students whose needs we can serve (in our professional opinion), and we will seek to meet the educational needs of each student who is enrolled to the best of our ability.

There will be a limited number of ELL (“English Language Learners”) students and students with special educational needs in each classroom.


Class sizes will be carefully monitored and limited:

  • Elementary grades: no more than 20 (usually classes have 16- 18 students
  • Middle School grades: no more than 22
  • High School grades: no more than 26 students per classroom

We are committed to doing everything we can to accept students from missionary families. At times certain limitations will prevent us from admitting some missionary students (ELL/SS needs, other special needs beyond the scope of our services, or applications received after our enrollment deadlines).

We will hold open two slots in each grade for missionary students until April of each year. Missionary students who apply after April will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If space for admissions is limited (due to class size, ELL/SS limits, etc.), the following families will receive special consideration:

  • Missionaries new to ICSB
  • Families with students already enrolled at ICSB/ICSB staff families

When making decisions regarding the admission of students, the following factors will also be considered:

  • Space availability,
  • Ability of the school to meet the special needs of the student (e.g., ELL or Supplemental Services),
  • Previous academic records,
  • Interviews conducted by an administrator with the student and parents,
  • Evaluation of prior credits by the Guidance Counselor,
  • Student conduct and financial responsibility of the parents at previous schools, 
  • Recommendation of an admissions committee, if necessary.

ICSB does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, or ethnic background.