Middle School

The middle school program (ages 11-14 or grades 6-8) is a semi-departmentalized program which continues developing the basic skill areas taught in elementary school, while preparing students for high school. 

The usual sequence of courses taken at the middle school level is: 

Grade 6- English, Ancient World History, Mathematics 6, Science, Old Testament I, Hungarian or Latin Language, Organization, Computer Skills, Health, Physical Education, Band and Choir  

Grade 7- English, Ancient Medieval History, Mathematics 7 or Pre-Algebra, Earth Science, Old Testament II, Hungarian or Latin Language, Computer Skills, Health, Physical Education, Art, Photography, Choir and Band

Grade 8- English, Modern World History, Pre-Algebra or Algebra I, Life Science, New Testament, Hungarian Culture, Computer Skills, Health, Physical Education, Choir, Band

Middle School Student Handbook

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